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罰單抗告 若您想對您的罰單提出抗告或要求減輕罰金,請依照您罰單背面的說明並將罰單寄回,或於週一至週五早上 9 點至下午 4:30 撥打 (206) 684-5600。我們會將出庭通知郵寄給您,通知中將有如何提交您的書面陳述或如何參加聽審會的說明。若您同意您有犯下交通違規,但希望要求降低罰金,您可以要求「減輕聽審會」。減輕聽審會目前僅接受書面方式舉行。你可使用線上或郵件的方式提交您的陳述。若您不同意您有犯下違規,則您可要求「抗告聽審會」。若您要求要「抗告聽審會」,法庭將會為您安排一場審前和解會議,那是一個可以不需經過聽審會的正式程序就能解決您案子的機會。您可以選擇以書面陳述或電話的方式來參與此和解會議。您可填妥連同您的審前和解會議通知書寄給您的棄權表格,以跳過和解會議直接進入審判。你可親身出庭或以視訊(本庭使用 WebEx)或電話方式出席您的抗告聽審會(即審判會)。 刑事案件 除非有法官特別命令您親身出庭,您可選擇親身出席您的聽審會,或使用WebEx 視訊/電話會議之虛擬方式出庭。進一步資訊,請拜訪我們的虛擬聽審會網頁。您將會透過郵件收到您下次出庭日的通知。若您的收件地址有變更,請於週一至週五早上 9 點至下午 4:30 撥打 (206) 684-5600 以通知法庭您變更後的新地址。您可以點擊此處以查看出庭日期。在「被告人查詢」(Defendant Search) 欄位中搜索您的姓名,點擊您的法庭案子,然後點選「聽審會」(Hearings) 的選項卡。若您對您的刑事案件有問題,請與您的律師聯絡。若您不知道該如何直接與您的公共辯護律師聯絡,公共辯護律師處備有英文與西班牙語 的說明手冊。至律師:請上案件資訊入口查詢您當事人的案件資訊。 繳交罰單或罰款 罰單可透過網路、撥打電話 (206) 233-7000,或郵件方式繳納。目前不收取透過網路和電話繳費的交易費用。若您無法支付罰單或罰金,請撥打 (206) 684-5600 以了解您的選擇。您可透過網路申請分期付款 。請注意,西雅圖城市法庭目前不收取罰單的滯納金,罰單目前也不會被轉至催繳單位。若您有任何疑問或需要協助,請於週一至週五早上 9 點至下午 4:30 撥打 (206) 684-5600 。 公共辯護律師審核 請於週一至週五早上 8:30 點至下午 4:30 撥打206-386-1543 以了解您是否有資格取得公共辯護律師。 審前服務與緩刑 緩刑部的當事人目前不需要親自到法庭報到,除非您有親自收到聯繫並被要求至現場報到。若您沒有您的律師的聯絡資訊,請撥打 (206) 684-7840 或拜訪我們的網站… [ Keep reading ]

Preguntas frecuentes sobre asuntos del Tribunal Municipal de Seattle durante la pandemia por COVID-19

Impugnar una multa Para solicitar una audiencia para impugnar o mitigar su multa, siga las instrucciones de la parte de atrás de la multa y presente la solicitud por correo postal o llame al (206) 684-5600 de lunes a viernes, de 9 a.m. a 4:30 p.m. Se le enviará una… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Municipal Court to resume some in-person hearings May 21 and resume jury trials June 16

Beginning May 21, 2021, Seattle Municipal Court (SMC) will allow in-person appearances for all out-of-custody criminal cases and contested infraction hearings, in accordance with General Administrative Order 2021-02. Participants will still have the option to appear remotely for their hearing by video or by phone, unless directly ordered to appear in-person… [ Keep reading ]

Virtual hearings at Seattle Municipal Court

Seattle Municipal Court (SMC) implemented virtual hearings for criminal cases and contested infraction cases in fall 2020. Virtual hearings have allowed hundreds of cases to proceed throughout the winter and into 2021, so that court involved people can safely have their day in court despite the COVID-19 pandemic. People can… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Municipal Court Partners with King County Municipal Courts to Resolve Outstanding Warrants

Seattle Municipal Court (SMC) is partnering with King County Municipal Courts to help individuals resolve their outstanding warrants through the Back on Track warrant amnesty program. The Back on Track program is a regional effort that ensures all individuals have the same opportunity to resolve their warrant, regardless of which… [ Keep reading ]

New: Probation Services Online Data Reports

We are excited to publish two new data dashboards for our Probation Services department: Active Probation Caseload and Probation Closed Cases. Seattle Municipal Court is committed to improving our services and furthering our court-wide goals of lessening barriers and increasing equity in the criminal legal system. We began evolving Probation Services… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Municipal Court implements virtual hearings for more out-of-custody arraignments, suspends jury trials through May 21, 2021

Seattle Municipal Court’s (SMC’s) Intake calendar, where many out-of-custody arraignments are held, will resume on March 3, 2021, with all hearings conducted virtually in accordance with General Administrative Order 2021-01. The court has been holding virtual out-of-custody arraignment hearings for mental health court, domestic violence, and driving under the influence… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Municipal Court Presiding Judge Willie Gregory Receives Innovating Justice Award From Washington Courts

Today, Seattle Municipal Court (SMC) Presiding Judge Willie Gregory was honored by Washington State Courts for exceptional leadership in helping courts deliver innovative and responsive justice using a race equity lens during the COVID-19 crisis by receiving the Innovating Justice Award. Judge Gregory was elected to the position of Presiding… [ Keep reading ]

What’s new in Probation Services at Seattle Municipal Court

In June 2020, Seattle Municipal Court released an evaluation of our Probation Services department commissioned from the Vera Institute of Justice. Aligning with national best practices, the report laid out recommendations to help evolve SMC Probation Services and most effectively serve our clients. We are committed to implementing the report’s recommendations to… [ Keep reading ]

Taking steps to reform legal fines and fees

One very important area of criminal justice reform is in legal financial obligations, or LFOs: fines, fees, costs and restitution imposed by the court. A recent report found that “people of color in Seattle were consistently charged with more fines and fees per capita than White people, across all types of cases,” as this Bloomberg… [ Keep reading ]