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New Videos Released to Help Individuals Navigate Seattle Municipal Court Processes

Seattle Municipal Court (SMC) has developed three explainer videos as additional tools for guiding court-involved individuals through court processes and procedures. At SMC, we understand that receiving a ticket or being summoned to court can be a stressful time, and that court processes may be difficult to navigate. We are… [ Keep reading ]

Register Now for Seattle Municipal Court’s Probation Webinar: “We’ve Evolved!”

Please join Seattle Municipal Court on Friday, August 25, 2023, at 12 p.m. for a Probation Evolution webinar. Presiding Judge Faye R. Chess and Probation Manager Jason Grant will discuss successes and insights from the Court’s three-year Probation Evolution Project, which focused on improving client outcomes and addressing disproportionate impacts… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Municipal Court Transforms Probation Program to Provide More Equitable Client Experience

Seattle Municipal Court (SMC) is pleased to announce the completion of the Probation Evolution Project, an effort focused on improving client outcomes and minimizing disproportionate impacts probation has on women and people of color. SMC thanks everyone who participated in focus groups, webinars, and surveys to share their concerns and… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Municipal Court Releases Analysis of Disproportionality in Assessed Fines and Fees

In March 2023, the Seattle Municipal Court (SMC or Court) completed a research report entitled, “Analysis of Seattle Municipal Court Imposed Criminal Fines and Fees.” The report is in response to a Seattle City Council Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI) SMC-001-A-002 and a recommendation in a Seattle City Auditor 2021… Filed Under: Equity and Accessibility, Fines and Fees, Racial EquityTagged With: , , ,

Join Us for One Seattle Day of Service

City of Seattle invites you to participate in a citywide day of volunteerism You are invited to participate in the One Seattle Day of Service on Saturday, May 20, 2023. Mayor Harrell, together with local leaders, City employees, and residents of Seattle will be rolling up their sleeves, coming together, and… [ Keep reading ]

Community Resource Center Updates – April 17, 2023

In this week’s Community Corner newsletter: And more! Read the April 17, 2023 newsletter.

Community Resource Center Updates – March 27, 2023

In this week’s Community Corner newsletter: And more! Read the March 27, 2023 newsletter.

Su’aalaha Inta Badan La Isweydiiyo ee Maxkamadda Magaalada Seattle ee Shaqada Maxkamadda inta lagu jiro COVID-19

Nabadgelyada ka jirta Maxkamadda Magaalada Seattle Nabadgelyadaadu waa ahmiyaddeena. Af-xirashadu waa ku waajib dhammaan booqdayaasha iyo shaqaalaha. Kooxdeena Saraakiisha Maxkamadda Magaalada Seattle ayaa hubiya dhamaan booqdayaashu inay maraan marinka ammaanka iyo hub baarista oo qaadaya tillaabooyin dheeraada si lagu ilaaliyo dhammaan booqdayaasha maxkamadda. Ka doodidda tigid Si aad u codsatid… [ Keep reading ]

Vấn đáp về giao dịch tại Tòa án Thành phố Seattle trong thời điểm COVID-19

Sự An toàn tại Tòa án Thành phố Seattle Sự an toàn của quý vị là hàng đầu của chúng tôi. Tất cả cách quý khách và nhân viên tòa cần phải đeo khẩu trang. Các Nhân viên An ninh của Tòa án Thành phố Seattle đảm bảo rằng tất… [ Keep reading ]

Часто задаваемые вопросы о работе Муниципального суда Сиэтла в период пандемии COVID-19

Обеспечение безопасности в Муниципальном суде Сиэтла Ваша безопасность чрезвычайно важна для нас. Все посетители и сотрудники суда обязаны быть в масках. В Муниципальном суде Сиэтла приставы следят за тем, чтобы каждый входящий в здание суда, проходил проверку безопасности и наличия оружия, и принимают дополнительные меры, чтобы обеспечить безопасность посетителей суда…. [ Keep reading ]