Seattle Municipal Court recognizes two years of Community Court in 2022 report

Seattle Municipal Court issued a report reviewing the Seattle Community Court (SCC) program’s first two years. Launched on August 10, 2020, the SCC program is the result of a multi-year collaboration among the Seattle Municipal Court, the Seattle City Attorney’s Office, and the King County Department of Public Defense. Read… [ Keep reading ]

New Probation Evolution Policies Going Live October 3, 2022

We are excited to share an update on the Probation Evolution project, which is the Seattle Municipal Court’s effort to step away from traditional incarcerative, reactionary approaches to misdemeanant supervision toward approaches that are hopeful, equitable, and supportive of client success and growth. How We Got Here  Earlier this year… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Municipal Court Judge Anita Crawford-Willis Awarded Outstanding Judge Award from Washington State Bar Association

On September 23, 2022, Seattle Municipal Court Judge Anita Crawford-Willis was awarded the Outstanding Judge Award at the Washington State Bar Association’s 2022 APEX Awards. The APEX Awards (Acknowledging Professional Excellence) honor outstanding legal professionals and organizations and recognize their contributions to the legal profession, the law, and their communities. “Judge… [ Keep reading ]

Community Resource Center Updates – September 26, 2022

In this week’s Community Corner newsletter: Thank you to everyone who supported our In the Community outreach event last week! We served 220 visitors at this event with services including housing assistance, King County traffic tickets, bus tickets/transportation, Seattle Municipal Court tickets, community resources, public benefits, financial assistance, and legal… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Municipal Court Will Resume Late Fees for Unpaid Parking, Camera, and Traffic Tickets on January 30, 2023

Over 295,000 unpaid tickets are potentially affected Seattle Municipal Court will resume late fees for Seattle infraction tickets that are past their due date beginning January 30, 2023. Late fees for unpaid tickets have been suspended since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020. There are over 295,000 tickets that… [ Keep reading ]

Watch Seattle Probation Evolution Webinar: New Reporting Guidelines and Other Updates

On September 7, 2022, Seattle Municipal Court Judge Andrea Chin and court staff shared a deep-dive on the new reporting guidelines, case plan, and quarterly progress reports that will be going live with Probation Services clients in October. The presentation was followed by audience Q&A. If you missed it, you… [ Keep reading ]

Community Resource Center Updates – September 12, 2022

In this week’s Community Corner newsletter: Seattle Municipal Court’s community outreach event at Rainier Beach Community Center is just one week away! Check out a job fair happening at the Pierce County District Court’s Resource Center on Friday, September 23 Attend a webinar on addressing burnout in the behavioral health… [ Keep reading ]

西雅图市法院将于 2022 年 9 月 19 日在南西雅图举行社区外展活动

西雅图市法院(以下英文简称 SMC)将于 9 月 19 日星期一上午 10 点至晚上 6 点,把法院和社会服务直接带到雷尼尔海滩社区中心。 社区民众若有因为西雅图的罚单而收到 SMC 的逮捕令、需要安排分期付款或社区服务的话,都可以在该活动现场得到协助。 活动访客若有因为西雅图的罚单未缴而寸步难行,他们也可以开始其更新车辆注册单 (标签) 的流程并使用「社区资源中心」所提供之相关协助。 我们的职员可以回答关于法庭程序的问题、安排听证会,以及提供法庭提供的计划的相关信息。 参加民众可事先注册以在活动现场能快速完成报到手续。 活动当天也会提供索马里语、西班牙语、阿姆哈拉语、越南语和普通话的口译服务。 活动期间需要佩戴口罩,并采取健康和安全措施。 现场将会为没有口罩的与会者提供口罩。 这是SMC 自 2019 年 10 月以来的第一场外展活动。 因为外展活动在新冠病毒大流行期间都被延期。 活动当天现场提供的协助服务包括*: SMC 逮捕令和罚单的客户服务 DSHS 的福利登记(食品、现金、医疗、身份证) 为符合条件的低收入民众免费提供带有上网数据的智慧型手机 与律师讨论撤销重罪案之毒品定罪(Blake 推荐) 申请公共辩护律师的资格审核 取得 YWCA 之医疗保健 心理卫生服务及资源 药物辅助治疗的相关信息 毒品使用障碍治疗计画 住房资源 公用事业和电费账单援助 ORCA LIFT 公车卡和交通运输资源 教育、求职、培训和学徒机会的计划 免费卫生包 提供免费午餐… [ Keep reading ]

El Tribunal Municipal de Seattle llevará a cabo un Evento para la Comunidad en el sur de Seattle, el día lunes 19 de septiembre de 2022

El Tribunal Municipal de Seattle (SMC) traerá servicios sociales y del propio tribunal al Centro Comunitario de Rainier Beach el día lunes 19 de septiembre, de 10am a 6pm. Los miembros de la comunidad recibirán ayuda para resolver órdenes de arresto emitidas por el SMC y para establecer planes de… [ Keep reading ]

Tòa án Thành phố Seattle sẽ tổ chức Sự kiện Tiếp cận Cộng đồng ở phía nam Seattle, Thứ 2, ngày 19/9/2022

Tòa án Thành phố Seattle (SMC) sẽ có các dịch vụ tòa án và xã hội tại Trung tâm Cộng đồng Rainier Beach vào Thứ 2, ngày 19 tháng 9, 10:00 sáng-6: 00 tối. Các thành viên cộng đồng sẽ được hỗ trợ giải quyết các trát SMC và lập… [ Keep reading ]